Method Man and Ghostface told 247HH a story about a fire extinguisher fight the Wu got into on tour with SWV, "I'm sick, I'm throwing up," Meth began. "I go in my room...nice room, big a-- room, fireplace in that b----, it's like a log cabin. Dirty looking for SWV, so he kickin' in doors, 'Where them b-----s at?' BOOM! He drunk as s---, breaks my door! I'm in there I dont even get up. Next thing I know, these n----s running back and forth in the hallway. I hear 'SSSSS!!!' I dont know what that shit is and s---, but I'm f----- up, I aint getting up...Then I hear it again, 'KSHHHHH!!!' I look and I can't see s--- but white...full of just white s---...I get up and I go out in the hall these n----s is crackin' up and s---, thinkin' s--- funny...I go look in the mirror, all my hair white, mustache white, beard white, skin white- all that s---."

Ghost continued the story, admitting that they potentially could have badly injured Meth, "I felt f----- up after that because it's like, it was early, that's when he was shining at his peak, and if something happened to that mother----- it would have been on us....That was like one of the early early wild out tour moments, that was crazy, it was crazy and scary though!" There should definitely be some kind of film dedicated to Wu-Tang tour "moments." Like ODB kicking down doors looking for "Those SWV b-----" is totally normal in the context. [Nahright]

50 Cent is offering a lucky fan the opportunity to meet him in the studio, after judging their beats made via his Sound Lab iPhone application. "Musical talent unfolds in many ways and I'd like to see what tomorrow's producers can do with my track with nothing but a bottle of Vitaminwater, my 50's Sound Lab App and an iPhone," said 50. Yeah, or an egg beater, a mini football helmet, a fish stick...I mean, how about an MPC? Or is that not even cool anymore... [HipHopWired]