50 Cent's still going after Jay-Z. In response to Jay's acceptance speech at the AMA's, Fif quipped, "When you say something as vague as 'Men lie, women lie, numbers don't,' how do you take that as a disrespect, a response. If we did look at the numbers, you'd see I did his career, my first two records...I did what he did in 15 years in 4 years. Like the numbers, you don't wanna talk about the numbers." Yeah, but then Jay got Beyonce...and sold almost triple what you did, first week. [HIpHopWired]

"I Kissed a Girl" singer Katy Perry received a Grammy 2010 nod for a song that came out in 2008. "Again? Jeez!" she joked about her response to receiving another nomination. "No it wasn't that. It was thanks! It was encouraging." Ah, the Grammys. Talk about finger on the pulse, right? [MTV]

America's favorite awards ceremony victim Taylor Swift was nominated for 8 Grammy Awards. "I started freaking out and jumping up and down," she told The Associated Press. "I honestly never would have predicted this, eight nominations. I'm ecstatic and blown away and so, so thankful...To be recognized by the Grammys is the ultimate honor, and all I know is that when I write about this in my journal tonight, it will be in all capital letters and underlined four times...and there will be lots of exclamation points in this entry because I never imagined I'd get to write this kind of journal entry." Uh, thanks Kanye. [MTV]