50 Cent weighed in on the whole Tiger Woods debacle, saying, "Even if he did a prenuptial, the most he would lose if his wife right? And half the paper. Half the paper from Tiger Woods is not even a life-changing situation. I think he'll be swinging a lot harder at that next tournament. U.S. Open, he gonna be on point, focused. Divorce will make you get up early the next morning to go to work." Thanks, Fif. [HipHopWired]

BFF Taylor Swift took to MySpace to talk about getting old, and stuff. "I'm only a teenager for another week! I'm starting to practice saying 'Twenty' when people ask me how old I am. Weird. Cool? I guess it's inevitable, so ... Awesome!" It actually is, like, totally inevitable. Can you guess what comes next? Sorry, that's mean, you were once interrupted at an award show, you're precious. [MySpace]

We're not totally sure who Leighton Meester is, still, but she talked with MTV about her forthcoming album, and it was riveting. "There's one [song] called 'You're Not as Cool as You Think You Are,' " she said. "It's pretty much about anybody who thinks that the song isn't about them, you know? And it's really funny and it's cute. It's really poppy - it's kind of like Katy Perry meets, like, Regina Spektor. It's really cool production and very sassy." Sassy, huh. Ever heard of Carly Simon? She was a sassy lady, maybe check her out sometime, Meester. [MTV]