Back in the day, Queens rapper 50 Cent was writing songs for Diddy, but when he brought a Mac-10 machine pistol to the recording studio, he proved he was a little bit too bad for Bad Boy. "I came down to write and I was in there writing a couple of joints and Puff left the actual room," 50 told Complex. "There was rustling and rambling at the door and s--- like that. I jumped up-when you get hurt as bad as I got hurt, either your fear consumes you or you become insensitive. So I jumped up and figured 'as you come through the door, I'll shoot your a-- down right there in the door.' The paranoia heightens your senses. You start to see every little detail, every little thing. You don't want to miss anything and have it turn out there's someone shooting you again. When I heard the rambling outside, I jumped up, I had a Mac-10 on me. Pulled the joint out and Puff came in and looked, said, 'Oh s---, I can't do this.' As a matter fact, it was Shyne and Wolf, wrestling outside. Puff was going through that actual case when he called me in to write and I'm in his office with a Mac-10. He was like, "I can't do that." After the fact, I looked at it and was like, That's a legitimate call." Come on, Puff. [Complex]

Rock band Tokio Hotel, or whatever, sat down to talk fashion with MTV. "I was really proud of this shirt [I'm wearing] because I made it. It was, like, a cheap shirt from a supermarket, and I cut the sleeves off," said one member. Looking at shots of the band from previous performances, another said "I think we look tired in this one. You can see that we worked a lot from this time to this time. This was also at an awards show. I think my hair kind of looks most normal here. But it's starting. Everything's starting." a) What's starting? b) Saying you made a shirt because you cut the sleeves off is like saying you built your car because you broke off the rear view mirror. c) Stop. [MTV]

made a new album and it features Nickelback. "I'm really proud of the caliber of artists on this album and all the work they put into making it a success," said Timbaland. "I can promise that no one has ever heard Katy Perry, The Fray or Brandy sound like this before." Oh man. [HipHopWired]