50 Cent talked to a UK paper about the recession, offerring his financial services to President Obama: "The credit crunch has hit rap. I buy diamonds on a very regular basis, but now I am selling my old stuff before I get something new. These are times when you learn about the value of money," 50 began. "If you don't lose money in this recession, it means you didn't have enough to start off with...Sure, I lost a few million, but that's because I have so much. This is a time that will sort out the strong from the weak. Any businessman who wants a piece of the future should learn for me. Obama is great. If he wants me as his financial adviser that would be cool."

Actor/Singer Jamie Foxx discussed his fast food obsession, "Going to McDonalds and having the Southern Style Chicken Sandwich, it's almost like crack to me!" Almost, Jamie, almost. [PerezHilton]

Lady Gaga talked about the public perception of pop stars, and how she's different, or something. "In a way, I think it's kind of convoluted the way that people do think about it, because the assumption is that they believe that pop singers should kind of pop out of nowhere and be born and cracked out of an egg one year that the record label lays, and that's not the way that should happen." Not sure what she's talking about, I keep picturing her in that weird cake/icicle outfit at the VMA's, then laughing. [MTV]