50 Cent discussed his recent decision to uh, pull out of his planned condom campaign. "I was looking for the opportunity to create a new safe sex campaign. The Wrap It Up campaign is something that is used so often, it wasn't effective anymore. So I thought this is a great opportunity for me to get involved. But it just didn't work out because I wanted things in it that wouldn't work. I wanted things that would prolong sexual performance. You could just put it on and just go" Hey, if they can't make it so you can put it on and just go, why even support such a stupid cause, right 50? [SFGate]

Young Chris talked about his career recently, noting, "Jay ain't come out with his first album til he was 27, 'Reasonable Doubt.' I ain't even 27 yet, my first was 20, 'Tough Luv.'" Yeah, Tough Luv. That was classic. [HipHopWired]

Ma$e was interviewed on Shade 45 recently, and said that he's one of the hottest things ever, even though he doesn't actually do anything. "For ten 10 years, I haven't been on the scene, I don't sell cologne, I don't sell sneakers, I don't sell no video games, I don't sell music and I'm still one of the hottest topics anywhere you go." Not around here. [Thisis50]