Though not a huge Kanye West fan, Taylor Swift told comedian Chelsea Handler that she and her girlfriends like to "warm up" to 50 Cent recently. "I'm a big fan of 50 Cent. I think you're a big fan of 50 Cent," the country star chided. "I love 50 Cent. That's my thing...When we're on tour, we have all three girls -- the backup singer, the fiddle player, and me -- all in one room and we all warm up to 50 Cent's music. It would be surprising how many lyrics I know." Damn Kanye. [Rap-Up]

16-year-old pop star Justin Bieber is thankful that he speaks French because, let's face it, chicks like stuff like that. "Now I'm really glad that I speak French, because, let's face it, girls dig it when a guy speaks French," Bieber revealed in his new book. "They call it the language of love, and that ain't no coincidence. Plus, I love my French fans! Très jolie!" Thank god he has French! If only The Beatles had a foreign language to fall back on. [Perez]