Sam Moore, one half of the legendary duo Sam & Dave, recently performed as part of the Kennedy Center Honors, which aired on CBS last week. Moore was on hand to pay tribute to his friend Smokey Robinson, but the real show took place at the post-event dinner.

"We went to dinner and right in front of me was Smokey and his wife. On the other side was Aretha Franklin and on the other side of that was Berry Gordy, and India.Arie was sitting next to Aretha," Moore says. "We had a great time. As long as I've known Berry I've never seen him have as good a time as he had. We laughed, we clowned, we joked. It was an interesting afternoon."

The love didn't stop there. Earlier in the day, Moore had a visitor. "When we were doing the Honors I was in rehearsal and someone said, 'A young man wants to say hello to you.' I said, 'Who s that?' And they said, [Gnarls Barkely's] 'Cee-Lo.' So I walked over and I met him," Moore says. "Man, he was so nice. Show you how stupid I am, I walked over and I started singing, 'Does that make me crazy?'" Moore adds laughing. "He looked at me and laughed."