The BoomBox is saddened to report that Saigon's mother passed away yesterday.

"R.I.P. My Dear Mother," Saigon posted on Twitter yesterday afternoon. "Dag! I've been through a lot of hardships in my short life, but this is the most devastating thing I've ever ever had to endure."

HipHop DX reports that Saigon's mom was young -- below 40 -- and presumably passed away due to medical causes. After hearing the news, it's worth revisiting a fine moment on Sai's original 'Warning Shots': the poignant 'My Mommy.'

The track kicks off with: "I dedicate this song to that one special lady. That lady that never, never turned her back on a n----... That one lady that no other woman could be."

You can truly hear the raw emotion in Sai's voice as he attempts to explore the importance of mothers and the positive influence that good parenting can create. You can tell he truly loved this woman a lot.

Parenting has been a big issue with Saigon recently. On 'Warning Shots 2,' which came out a couple weeks ago, one of the best songs is 'Fatherhood' - a heartfelt dedication to his daughter and the incredible feeling that a father gets while watching his baby girl grow. Saigon is best when he speaks with unfettered honesty, and both 'Fatherhood' 'My Mommy' play into his strengths by letting a little real talk and the grace of his pen stand on their own.

Revisit 'My Mommy' here.