Saigon and Just Blaze

Saigon has had one arduous journey trying put out 'The Greatest Story Never Told.' A collaboration with producer Just Blaze, Sai has taken to the media in recent years to explain how his label, Atlantic, wouldn't put the record out and that he'd been granted a release from his contract. It now appears that perhaps he spoke too soon on the matter.

"We still on Atlantic, man," Saigon said to All Hip-Hop. "We just getting out of there. Still on Atlantic, bro. That's the thing. They the real paper gangsters, man. Everyone talking about, 'They still won't let me out my contract,' you play with them, you deal with some serious dudes. Nah, we didn't get off, we just tried to fake. But it wasn't working, that's why I laid low for a minute. I was gonna try to disappear off the radar cause they don't wanna see you go up the street being successful so they just hold you in with the paperwork."

Here's where things become a bit more confusing. After blogs started printing Sai's quote about faking his Atlantic release, everyone started getting at Just Blaze asking for an opinion. Blaze, not exactly a morning person, was none too happy to wake up to the controversy and sent off a series of annoyed tweets that attempt to set the record straight.

"Let me clarify," wrote Just Blaze after a few angrier, shorter messages. "I was a bit aggy when I woke up... To my knowledge Atlantic agreed to release Sai. But there were probably terms that had yet to be resolved. I know it took a second for the agreement to be put in place as far as being able to walk with masters, but there were probably other terms that still needed to be renegotiated. Probably point overrides and buyout fees. That was the last I heard. Apparently that end of it still isn't done I guess? I was never involved with that part of the situation really. When Sai said that I think he wasn't really thinking about the context and it probably just came out a little wrong. All the more reason we gotta be careful when talking to the folks with cameras. All is good tho. I just dint like waking up to headlines like "just blaze lied!!!" Back to destroying and rebuilding. Good day all."