This morning producer Just Blaze announced that 'The Greatest Story Never Told,' his ironically titled collaboration album with rapper Saigon has finally been released from Atlantic Records.

The post on Just's blog goes on to state that the beleaguered artists have retained 100% ownership of their masters and are "free to take them wherever we like, however we like." The due already have "new situation(s) in the works." Sadly, the entire drama could have been avoided had they just released the album through Koch in the first place.

Accompanying the post is a new Saigon/Just Blaze song called "Believe It," which discusses Sai's discontent with his label situation, getting downstreamed from Atlantic to Asylum etc:

"I tried to help the label see the vision
But they lowered me to a subdivision
You gotta be f----- kiddin
They rather me pretend to be something that I'm not
I'm the new public enemy
I'm different than Yung Joc"

As for the future of the once-retired, embittered MC, Saigon hints:

"Whatever the case may be
You do a census on who is the sickest lyricist
They say me
And that's without an album out
yall rated me
I drop one and bow out gracefully"