Saigon's album titles speak volumes. Though his unfortunately titled 'Greatest Story Never Told' album with Just Blaze (which was recorded in 2007) has yet to see the light of day, he has just announced plans to release a followup (preceding?) album with DJ Statik Selektah, entitled 'All in a Day's Work,' which they recorded in the space of 24 hours.

Saigon explained the thought process behind the new project in a recent YouTube clip, which you can see below, saying, "24 hours, my n----, me and Statik Selektah made this album in one day. No Makaveli '7 Day Theory,' no money, no nothing, just n----s that love hip-hop."

Though some of the material on the album was pre-written, Saigon went on to add that "This is 95 percent original s---. You might have heard one or two verses before...a freestyle or something, other than that, it's brand new."

This time, we believe you. And we look forward, finally, to his debut.

Check out the video: