Joe Budden and Saigon spoke publicly for the first time on Shade 45's Lip Service radio show.

The two slightly embittered MCs traded diss records earlier this year, in a battle that appeared to have been won by Saigon with 'Pushing Buddens,' where Saigon dissed Budden for signing with Amalgam Digital label (and pretty much everything else, as well). Then the two got quiet and Saigon signed with...Amalgam Digital for his album with Statik Selektah, which dropped yesterday.

"I don't know if he signed there for the same exact reasons that I signed there." Budden said, of Saigon's signing. "I texted Saigon today and told him congratulations. I told him good move."

According to what we hear, both sides had ammunition to use against one another, but the info Budden had on Saigon was potentially career-ending, so the two decided to dead their beef. We kind of hope it comes out, but we'd also like to hear that album he made with Just Blaze someday, too.

During the Lip Service call, the topic of a collaboration came up. "I wouldn't be against it, tell you the truth that made me go listen to a lot of Joe's stuff I never heard," Saigon said. "I went back and listened and I was impressed. Son can really spit, for real...My family members were countin' me out."

Check out the entire conversation here.