The last half-decade has been a rough one for Saigon. Riding a great deal of hype, his Just Blaze-produced album 'The Greatest Story Never Told' was compared by some to hip-hop classics like Nas' 'Illmatic,' yet never received a release from his longtime home Atlantic Records. In fact, Sai had to wage a multiyear battle to get out of his contact while releasing a series of little-celebrated, admittedly subpar mixtapes.

Well, now that's all behind him. According to a recent posting on Facebook, Saigon has signed with the Kottonmouth Kings-owned label Suburban Noize in order release his long-awaited record. And that's not all. He's thanking fans with a brand new EP to hit the Internet later this week.

"The Full Length LP is coming February but I cant make my Nation wait that long," wrote Sai last week. "I haven't put out any music for a whole year and that was 'Warning Shots 2' which was super subpar for ME... It was a nice check though. New EP coming NEXT WEEK 'The Yardfather's Prologue' is the tentative title."

It's unknown what material will be included on the new EP, but as Sai himself noted, he's been mostly silent for the past year, so there could definitely be some gems in there. While Suburban Noize doesn't have the promotional push of Atlantic Records, this seems like a very positive move for the newly independent Saigon. Similar moves by artists such as Freeway, who moved from Roc-A-Fella to Rhymesayers last year, have yielded successful results.