West Coast rapper Sahtyre brings his powerful, Jill Dawson-assisted single, 'Suicide,' to the small screen with an equally compelling video.

Directed by Amadeuz Christ, the short film follows a budding young dancer immersed in a routine, and an older female caught up in a trashy, faux-glamorous lifestyle.

The video has a tragic ending when the older character looks to recapture her glory days as a dancer before facing up to the sadness over the path she chose.

The video plays on the song's concept of how the bright lights of the music industry can lead people astray -- artists from the love of the craft, and fans from their perception of these artists.

"Some people look at rappers, actors, and entertainers and think everything is all diamonds and coke and glamor, but people don't realize that we're usually the most f--ked up people with regular ass problems and tendencies and habits," Sahtyre says.

He adds, "When you have a certain type of lifestyle sometimes you can get so caught up in everything that's going on that you have to be careful not to forget the real reason why you're here in the first place."

'Suicide' is taken from Sahtyre's 'LSD (Prelude)' mixape, which you can download over on Live Mixtapes.