got a surprising compliment by way of the queen of lover's rock, Sade, who recently revealed that she was a fan of his music. Rae showed his adoration via a viral video message for the singer where he dedicated Stevie Wonder's 'Overjoyed' to her.

"This is dedicated to my peoples, Sade. Yo, I love you baby," he said before lip-synching the song. Rae then let a few lyrics of the song play, while he pretended to copy the notes on the piano. Before signing off, he offered more words of affection and blew a few kisses into the camera. "Sade, love you baby!"

Sade recently sat down with radio personality Tom Joyner, where she revealed a surprising list of some of her favorite artists. "I love Alicia Keys and I like some of the tracks off Rihanna's ['Rated R']," she said. "I like songs with sort of more heavy rap. I like Raekwon's ['Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II'], you know from the Wu-Tang Clan. I listen to just about anything that speaks to me, and anything that's sort of got a bit of soul and a bit of real feeling in it."

Sade is set to release her first album in a decade 'Soldier of Love' Feb. 9. We think it's pretty safe to say that Raekwon will be buying a copy. Check out the video of Rae showing his love for Sade below.