Vibrant, edgy and full of personality, Sabryna is re-introducing herself to fans with the latest visual for her second single, "Young, Sexy, Crazy," from her upcoming, debut EP of the same title.

Produced by Dem Jointz, the music visionary behind hits for Rihanna, Dr. Dre, Brandy and more, and directed by AplusFilmz, the innovative crew responsible for the visuals behind artists like Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q, "Young, Sexy, Crazy" channels Charles Hamilton's notion that "high class chicks be crazy in the brain." The New Zealand-born beauty wakes up next to the man she can't let go of only to get a text from him later that day saying, "This isn't working! Get out of my house. It's over." Her response? A simple, "Lol :)."

A scenario that surely resonates with odd [dysfunctional] couples around the world, Sabryna does the beat justice by bringing her upbeat and soulful pop vocals to life as she channels her inner crazy, half-Single White Female, half-Fatal Attraction.

“As soon as I heard the beat for 'Young, Sexy, Crazy,' I immediately knew it was special," says Sabryna. "I love working with Jointz and Candice because they are never afraid of breaking the rules and trying new things. We decided to write a song that celebrated and poked fun of how psycho us females can be at times. It was this song that inspired the rest of the EP and the YSC movement! We are young, sexy and crazy. Deal with it!"

Sabryna's debut EP is slated for release this month. Check out the video for "Young, Sexy, Crazy" below.