RZAEver since RZA scored Jim Jarmusch's samurai-meets-gangster flick 'Ghost Dog:The Way of the Samurai,' the Wu-Tang producer has maintained a strong presence in the film industry. He's provided soundtrack work for many movies -- most notably Quentin Tarantino's three-part 'Kill Bill' series -- and scored some high-profile acting roles recently. Now, RZA's adding directing to his resume.

RZA's first film will be called 'Man With the Iron Fist.' It's, obviously, a kung fu movie that builds on the genre's history and plans to mix modern hip-hop influences for a new take on a classic style. Eli Roth ('Hostel') will act as an executive producer and directing partner.

"Rza is such a creative fountain," Roth told the LA Times. "The script is great, he's got characters, jokes. What he does with lyrics, he does with dialogue and he's done such a great mix: spaghetti western, kung fu, modern fighting infused with hip-hop and multi-culture. He has this whole comic book universe figured out. I know he's going to make a brilliant film."

As a chess champion, RZA knows it's best to think ahead. He already with legendary filmmaker John Woo for his second film. "For many years, I was getting my lessons from John," RZA said to the LA Times. "His movie 'Bullet in the Head,' he said I can make it over [as a director]. He said, 'You will get no resistance from me."

Whether behind the boards or camera, 2010 looks like a big year for the legendary producer.