Wu Tang's RZA, aka Bobby Steelz, and Interpol's Paul Banks have come together to form a new group, Banks & Steelz. The group originally formed back in 2013 after a night at a tequila bar and a few rounds of chess. They decided to "jam" together and the label liked what they heard. But they didn't decide to put a project together until this summer.

Now on the eve of the duo's first album release, Anything But Words (due out Aug. 26), they sat down for a "Back & Fourth" conversation on Noisey to discuss the album, gentrification and New York sound and culture. The album is a blend of ­hip-hop and rock and includes features from Ghostface Killah, Method Man, Kool Keith and Florence Welch. They describe their sound as having a New York foundation with a lot of edge, and some LA vibes intertwined throughout as well.

"People are asking us if this is a one off or if we would do this again," RZA, 47, says toward the end of the video. Banks, 38, responds, "I'd do it again. Definitely."

"I'd use the economics metaphor," Banks continued. "If there's a demand, we will supply."

You can view the entire conversation, and watch one of their first single's off the album entitled "Love And War" featuring Ghostface Killah below.

Check out the video, "Love + War" featuring Ghostface Killah.



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