Four years after he released his debut LP, This Is Ryan Shaw, the soul singer returns with a new project, Real Love, due May 15. Ryan Shaw, a native of Decatur, Ga., delivers his brand of soul music on the effort, which features 12 tracks. "Karina" is one of the selections on Real Love and explores matters of the heart. This track finds the crooner detailing the story of a woman who he needs back in his life after he seemingly broke her heart.

"We set out to write a song that was a mashup of classic Detroit and Memphis soul with a modern twist," Shaw tells The BoomBox of the song. "As far as Karina, she knows who she is."

In the video, Shaw performs live, with backups singers supporting his vocals and a full band creating the bed on which his lyrics lie.

"Now I've got to prove I'm worth it," he sings. "I'd give anything to undo what I've done."

Check the tracklisting for Ryan Shaw's Real Love below.

1. "Real Love"

2. "Karina"

3. "Can't Hear the Music"

4. "You Don't Know Nothing About Love"

5. "Evermore"

6. "Gone Gone Gone"

7. "That Is Why"

8. "Yesterday"

9. "In Between"

10. "Blackmail"

11. "The Wrong Man"

12. "Morning Noon & Night"

Watch Ryan Shaw's "Karina" Video

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