Shortly after the recovery of his stolen laptop, Ryan Leslie is ready to get back to work. The singer-songwriter has announced the release date for his third album, 'Les is More,' and the follow-up to 2009's 'Transition' is slated to hit stores on July 4.

The LP was believed to be lost after Leslie's laptop, which contained the masters for the album, went missing following a performance in Germany last October. After offering a $1 million reward for its safe return, the laptop was finally returned in November, but Leslie has yet to make good on the payment.

Though details surrounding the new album are scarce, Leslie is set to release the first single 'Beautiful Lie' soon. The song debuted earlier this month during a performance in Paris. 'Les is More' is Leslie's fourth album counting an unreleased LP titled 'Just Right,' intended for release in 2005.

This marks the first time that Leslie will release a full-length offering as an independent artist, following a split from Universal in June. "Universal was interested in reshaping my deal to more of a 360, and they actually made a counter-offer from the initial record fund," Leslie said during a show. "At that point I saw that as a window to potentially branch off and try something that was going to be new and dynamic."

Watch Ryan Leslie's 'You're Not My Girl'

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