There might be a little over two months before Christmas, but Run the Jewels are giving their fans a major gift for free today. The hip-hop duo have released their new album, 'Run the Jewels 2,' the follow-up to their critically-acclaimed 2013 album.

The free gift came early this morning (Oct. 24) at 1:28AM, by way of El-P's Twitter account. "Good morning." #RTJ2 drops right now," he wrote. Run the Jewels is comprised of El-P, the former frontman of Company Flow, and OutKast affiliate Killer Mike.

Besides the tweet, news of the album came through an email sent by the group.

"We just couldn't wait another damn day longer to share RTJ2 with you," read the message. "Thank you to all the jewel runners worldwide for all your support. It means everything to us. Please enjoy the music. It was made for you."

The 11-song release includes guest features by Gangsta Boo, Rage Against the Machine frontman Zack De La Rocha and Travis Barker.

On songs like 'Blockbuster Night Part 1,' Killer Mike shows why he's one of the most respected rappers in the game. "Bunches and bunches, punches is thrown until you're frontless / Oodles and oodles, bang bullets at suckas noodles / Last album voodo proved that we was f----- brutal / I'm talking crazy half past, the clock is cuckoo," he spits.

On 'Oh My Darling Don't Cry,' El-P expresses his harsh feelings towards law enforcement. "Fuck the law, they can eat my d---, that's word to Pimp / I don't f--- with or talk like all these f----- imps / Style violent give a f--- if you deny it kids / You can all run naked backward through a field of d-----," he raps.

And you've got to love Killer Mike's lyrical forcefulness on 'Close Your Eyes (And Count To F---),' where he mixes socially-conscious spit with huge bravado. "Facist slave, you protesting to get in a f----- look book / Everything I scribble like 'The Anarchist Cookbook'...Black on black on black with a ski mask, that is my crook look," he cleverly spits.

The pair are currently on tour bringing other songs like 'All Due Respect' and 'Lie, Cheat, Steal' to the masses. According to, the group will be in South Carolina this weekend, in Philadelphia on Oct. 31 and in Charlottesville, Va., on Nov. 2.

Listen to Run the Jewels' 'Run the Jewels 2' Album