When it comes to the rap and R&B game it's all about the hustle -- just ask Run the Jewels (Killer Mike and El-P) and Jeremih. Both artists have been on their grind for a few years now and have made a name for themselves. But it wasn't easy.

In an interview with Fader magazine, for their vitaminwater #uncapped concert series, the two music acts talk about their hustle and success.

For both artists it was a mixture of love and passion that drove them to pursue music.

"I was lucky because I figured out what I loved really early," said El-P who was producing and releasing music by the age of 17.

Killer Mike added, "Luck is preparation and opportunity meeting one another. Where other people were buying gold chains and cars, I bought studio time and equipment."

"Big Boi's younger brother was a friend of mine and I was given an opportunity, but it was totally based on straight four years of hard work, you know being neglected by the Atlanta music scene and this one other artist having the confidence in me and giving me the opportunity," he added.

For Jeremih, it was hours of practice on the keyboards and developing his craft that helped him create his sound. After the success of 'Birthday Sex,' the crooner had to hustle even harder to stay relevant in the game.

"At that time I really didn't know much, and from 'Birthday Sex' everyone was like, 'one hit wonder,'" he recalled. "It just made me kinda go harder because I got a taste of it (success). I wanted to beat that odd that everybody wanted to put on me."

In the end, it's all about the hustle -- the hard work toward success.

"Hustle is to hold a higher standard," explain Killer Mike. "It's [the willingness] to work when others are sleeping and that's defines hustling."

"The payoff is so glorious," adds El-P. "The payoff is life."

We can't knock their hustle.

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