Rapper Rozewood, like much of the Digi Crate Records roster, has a throwback sound. While he may currently reside in Atlanta, he originally hails from New York and that influence is evident. Offered up as a free download, 'The Ghost of Radio Raheem' perfectly represents Rozewood.

The project is boom bap to its core, with vibrant samples and hard-hitting drum breaks permeating every production. That should come as no surprise though with producers like Apollo Brown, the Snowgoons and Lex Boogie from the Bronx crafting the beats.

Rozewood is straightforward on the mic and doesn't pull out any tricks here. He's an adept storyteller who relies on his rhymes and gruff voice to paint the picture for the listener. He also enlists some help along the way from El Da Sensei, label mate Hus Kingpin and fellow ATL residents BIGREC and G.R.E.A.T Scott. This is album is tailor-made for those who need a dose of reality.

Listen to Rozewood's 'The Ghost of Radio Raheem'