Longtime Eminem collaborator and fellow Detroit native Royce Da 5'9" says the 'Recovery' creator will likely be executive producing the new Slaughterhouse album.

The punchline powerhouse, which includes Joe Budden, Crooked I, Joell Ortiz and Royce, recently signed with Shady Records, and while Em hasn't officially confirmed the nature of his involvement, Royce says Em will be "all over" the group's new album.

"He hasn't used these exact words, but I'll go ahead and jump out the window and say it: I think he'll be the executive producer," Royce revealed. "He's very good at taking a record to a whole different level after we do what we do with it. He's good at choosing beats, maybe a verse here, a hook there -- anywhere he can help, he's willing to do it."

Royce went on to say that, while Em believes the group is able to be commercially successful (their recent EP only sold 5,000 copies in its first week), his involvement with the project stems from his love of hip-hop more than his interest in financial reward.

"Em pretty much vibes off wanting to work with people because he thinks it'll be fun for him," Royce said. "He's so not wrapped up in record sales and stuff like that. He obviously thinks the group can be big, but mostly he sees guys he thinks he can have fun with while making good hip-hop."

Royce also revealed that, while Slaughterhouse has members on both coasts, the group will be recording in one central location this time around, to avoid album leaks. "He [Eminem] doesn't want us to do a lot of e-mailing," Royce explained. "We've had a lot of problems with hacks and leaks. So he wants us to be in one central location of the recording."

The 'Slaughterhouse EP' is in stores now.

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