In the new video for the romantic ode 'Promise,' former Aventura lead singer Romeo Santos and guest vocalist Usher impart a series of important messages. The first has to do with cultural unity. While people from different backgrounds may dance to their own rhythms -- bachata and R&B in the case of these two music giants -- there's one thing we all can agree on: hot chicks.

'Promise' is the second single from Santos' solo debut, 'Formula,' and by the look of this steamy clip, he's enjoying life as a solo artist. As the video opens, a black-haired beauty in lingerie and tall boots ties him to a chair, and after he gets free, the two spend the remainder of the clip nuzzling and smooching. Message: love is a prison, but at least you get conjugal visits.

Not to be outdone, Usher grabs a babe of his own, though he never has to pull a Houdini and free himself from her clutches. Message: some guys have it way to easy.

Usher croons to his lady love, "Promise you'll hold me, touch me/ Love me, way past forever."

"Two kings -- revolutionary," Santos sings toward the song's close. Message: It's good to be king.

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