Lil Wayne has made some odd departures from his usual hip-hop-centric ways -- remember 2011's 'How to Love' -- and he does the same in the visuals for Romeo Santos' bachata-inspired song, 'All Aboard,' featured on his solo LP, 'Formula Vol. 1.'

In the Gil Green-directed video, Santos, of the group Aventura, finds his lady love waiting in a train station and gets close. "I ain't gotta give you instructions/ You just gotta follow my lead/ Your body's makin' sounds like percussion/ I'm orchestrating your fantasies," he croons over the guitar-flavored beat produced by Rico Love.

The Young Money rapper appears inside the train, donning his usual brightly colored attire -- leopard print pants and a neon beanie -- a pretty broad in skimpy clothes nearby.

"She wanna ride that Wayne train, so I'ma bag her like baggage claim/ We smoke that Mary, not plain Jane/ And everything is just fine, I keep a picture of her smile in the back of my mind/ I grab the back of her head, she throw it back like rewind," he rhymes.

Watch Romeo Santos' 'All Aboard' Feat. Lil Wayne Video

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Lil Wayne Biography and Origins