After showing off his dance skills on this season of ABC's 'Dancing with the Stars,' rapper Romeo is planning a return to music.

The 22-year-old placed third in the competition, which he says was one of his most challenging tasks, but now that the show is over, he's focusing on running Master P's No Limit Records. He's signing new talent to his father's imprint and working on his own project. "I got a new album coming out, but 'I Am No Limit' is going to be my mixtape first," Romeo tells the BoomBox. "I'm releasing three singles: I got 'Famous Girl' featuring Sean Kingston, I got 'Scheduled Appointment,' then I got 'Rock With It' featuring my artist from my record label."

Growing up under Master P's wing, the young MC learned the ins and outs of the business, which he says prepared him for his new role as label head. "Me and my family, it's kind of like a king and prince thing my whole life," the New Orleans native states. "My dad was the king, I was always the prince watching every move, going to the business meetings with him. When he goes to the bank, I'm at the bank with him. I'm kind of learning everything as I'm going. It's just a natural transition for me; it's not like I was being pushed into anything."

Romeo has been splitting his time between dancing, acting and music but school still remains at the forefront of his priorities. He currently attends the University of Southern California, where he began on a basketball scholarship but has since left the team due to scheduling conflicts. "That's what I think life's about, a lot of kids don't understand your youth only comes once that's why education is so important to me," Romeo explains. "Education is the only thing nobody can ever take away from me."