Roman GianArthur, a singer and guitarist in the Janelle Monae-helmed Wondaland, joined the entire funkadelic crew on their Eephus Tour this summer. The "I-69" singer shares why he thinks their gathering is so exceptional in an exclusive video from the performance trek,

"This moment is legendary. The artists that are on this couch, standing up behind here. This is something that's never happened before. And I don't know it's going to happen again for a long time. These are special individuals. They all have a certain conviction in their heart. They all have a light, a brilliancy. This is legendary," he said before highlighting their tour's sponsor, Toyota -- who he compares to their own uniqueness.

"This moment and I think that our partnership with Toyota is just fortuitous. It's a great company. It's been built on great quality, great values and that's what is here. This is something special," he continued in a red military jacket, a black Amish hat and a white guitar in his hand.

The entire Wondaland crew were around him -- readily agreeing with his words. The video also cuts to the "Yoga" singer in the passenger seat, hanging out and dancing with her fellow collaborators, St. Beauty. One half of the ladies group, Isis Valentino took the drivers seat, while her counterpart, Alex Belle, was in the backseat as they drove around in a shiny red Toyota car as they jam to a unnamed song they're mouthing.

But either way like the Toyota slogan says, Janelle Monae and her crew are definitely "going places."