Rohan Marley, son of Bob Marley, revealed that he was maced and put in a headlock by an off-duty cop in Los Angeles on Saturday (Dec. 19). According to TMZ, Marley got into an argument with another bystander outside Voyeur nightclub, after mistaking him for a valet driver. The man apparently took offense to the mistake, the two exchanged words and the disagreement turned physical. The 38-year-old was then restrained by the officer, who was also working security at the location.

Sources at the scene said that officers maced everyone involved in the scuffle, not just Marley. TMZ captured a very brief clip of the incident, while Marley told the website that the officer went "overboard" and that he "just can't let this go," and plans on pressing charges.

Marley is the longtime companion of Lauryn Hill. The couple, who have been together for over a decade share five children, while Marley has two other children from a previous marriage. Rohan is the sixth of his father's 10 children. His brother, Damian, recently released the collaborative album 'Distant Relatives,' alongside Nas.