Robin Thicke recently appeared on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,' and together with The Roots, he remixes his hit single 'Blurred Lines' in an innovative performance for the ages.

Eschewing their traditional instruments, The Roots performed the song using only instruments that one would find in an elementary school music classroom. Questlove plays a wooden clacker, Kamal Gray rocks a xylophone and Black Thought takes on the maracas. Even Fallon and Thicke get in on the action, the former jumping on a Casio keyboard and wood block, the latter using spoons.

This isn't just a live classroom performance, however. The song ends with Black Thought tacking on a verse about the love of his life, and in true Black Thought form, he absolutely crushes it. Thought doesn't miss the beat even once, which is incredible considering the instruments being employed.

The Roots will go down in history as one of the greatest bands ever. Their discography speaks for itself: Ten studio albums, a Grammy Award and a platinum certification. But it's moments like this three-and-a-half minute video that will forever cement the group's legacy in musical lore.