Robin Thicke has always made anthems celebrating relationships. For his forthcoming album 'Love After War,' the singer will focus on tracks that convey much of the same message for this new effort but he'll add a bit of a twist.

The 34-year-old, who became parent to son Julian last April with his wife, actress Paula Patton, is set to incorporate some of the joys of fatherhood into his new music.

"My lady and I have a one-and-a-half year old now," Thicke tells The BoomBox. "Once you see what a woman has to go through to have a baby, you really learn what real compassion and understanding and patience is all about. That's absolutely what inspired the whole album, because I love my wife very much and I'm trying to learn how to do it correctly."

Juggling his career being a father and his marriage to Patton is no easy task for Thicke, but he's found a way to keep things fresh. After more than a decade together, the couple looks forward to spending intimate time in between their busy schedules.

"Lots of sex, its the only way to keep everything on par," he explains. "My wife is an actress and a mother and a wife, and I'm a husband, a father and a singer, so we haven't seen each other a lot in the last couple of weeks and we won't see each other until Christmas pretty much so it's very difficult."

In the past, Thicke has used Patton as his muse casting her in his music videos, the latest of which finds the couple getting extra steamy, for the album's title-track, 'Love After War.' In the visuals, Patton dons a blonde wig, but instead of gushing over her lover, the video's premise chronicles a tumultuous love affair, and shows the two fighting up then making up, and then fighting again. "I think the only thing that gives us fire is we have great sex together," Thicke shares. "There is never enough [sex]. When it does happen, it goes on for hours."

Aside from mixing business with pleasure in the video, Thicke also took a very hands-on approach in creating 'Love After War.' He added Lil Wayne to the single 'Pretty Lil Heart,' which marks the album's only guest appearance. "With this new album I felt like I had so much to talk about and so much to say," he said, revealing that he also wrote and produced the entire project.

'Love After War' is due Dec. 6.

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