On 'Love After War,' the title track from his fifth album, due out Dec. 9, Robin Thicke explains how passionate disagreements often result in equally passionate make-up sessions.

So it goes in the accompanying video, which premiered yesterday (Nov. 21) and is likely already beloved by 13-year-old boys everywhere. In the steamy Hype Williams-directed clip, Thicke and real-life bride Paula Patton make like characters in a sexy foreign film, rolling around in various states of undress.

Patton, best known for her turn in 'Mission Impossible,' puts her acting skills to good use, donning a blonde wig and vamping it up like a '60's sexpot. Thicke starts off in a preppy retro yellow sweater, but like any good R&B lover-man, he eventually goes shirtless, showing off the fruits of his gym membership.

"Don't you love it when we fight?" Thicke croons at one point. Indeed, when reconciliation looks like this, you'd be a fool not to start trouble.

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