After experiencing quite a rough year with his wife giving him the boot and his dismal album sales, it's understandable if Robin Thicke wants to blow off some steam by partying a little. But looks like his Labor Day weekend festivities got him into some trouble with the law.

The 'Blurred Lines' singer was blasting his music too loud inside his Los Angeles home late Monday night (Sept. 1), which caused him to get ticketed by the police. TMZ reports that the LAPD was called to his posh pad due to neighbors' complaints. When Thicke opened the door to greet them, he appeared to be drunk. While that's not a crime, cranking the music right back up after the cops asked him to lower it is. That move resulted in the police writing him a ticket.

This is apparently the second time Thicke has been in trouble with local police for noise complaints. His "total disregard" -- as sources tell it -- is a far cry from how he tried and failed to win back Paula Patton earlier this year.