A growing feud between Akon and Suge Knight is responsible for an armed robbery last night, a source close to Akon says.

According to TMZ, 4-5 armed men broke into a Van Nuys, California home last night and stole $300,000 worth of jewelry, stereo and studio equipment and a locked safe.

The home is owned by Christopher Walker, an employee of Akon's producer Detail, who was was sleeping in the house at the time of the robbery. At 3:00 AM, the men broke in and, brandishing guns, stated that Detail owed Suge Knight money, and they were there to collect the debt "on behalf of Suge Knight."

According to Walker, the burglars then entered the room where Detail was sleeping and stole $170,000 worth of jewelry that belonged to the producer. They then demanded the key to a safe on the premises, threatening to kill everyone in the house (Detail, Walker, Walker's brother and a sound engineer) unless they received it. When they weren't given the key, they took the entire 130 pound safe, along with stereo equipment and a key to a Mercedes.
According to a police source, the total theft was more than $300,000.

Though the goons forced Walker to the ground at gunpoint, no one was seriously injured.
Walker claims the feud began over an alleged debt which Suge had been trying to collect this past NBA All-Star weekend in Arizona, when he was assaulted by two men under Akon's employ.