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Rihanna has more than a handful of tattoos covering her body, including tiny stars and a music note on her foot, roman numerals of her best friend Melissa's birthday on her shoulder, tribal art decorating her hand and words like "rebelle fleur" on her neck and "never a failure always a lesson" on her chest. Now the 23-year-old is showing off some new permanent body art, this time on her fingers.

the Shamrock Social Club tattoo shop in Los Angeles Tuesday night (Jan. 24) and sat under the tattoo gun to get "thug life" tattooed on her fingers. Reminiscent of
Tupac Shakur's famed tattoo of the same name, which was placed on his stomach,

which appears to be on her lower body, as she presented a photo of herself lying down on a chair in the shop.

Recently, the Grammy nominee -- she's up for Album of the Year for her 'Loud' LP at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards on Feb. 12 -- has been displaying her carefree attitude, smoking weed in public view while vacationing in Hawaii.