It has been a steady climb for Rihanna as she has finally settled into the upper echelon of elite pop stars. Billboard reports that that she further cemented this status on Tuesday (June 18) by becoming the most viewed artist on YouTube. This is based on the cumulative views on her official VEVO channel on YouTube. Her 77 videos on this channel have a combined 3.784 billion views, which is a little over a million more views than Justin Bieber's 3.783 on his official VEVO channel. Justin has 79 videos altogether.What's fascinating about the two channels is that Rihanna has 8.73 million subscribers to her page, almost double the number of subscribers on Bieber's page (4.9 million). That's a huge discrepancy.

Further social media comparisons show that Rihanna has 72.3 million facebook "likes," way more than Bieber's 54.3 million. However, when it comes to Instagram, Bieber is safely ahead of Rihanna, with one million more Instagram followers and 10 million more Twitter followers. Bieber is the only celebrity to hit the 40 million followers mark on Twitter.