Last month, Nicki Minaj met a special fan by the name of Sophia Grace, an 8-year-old girl from the U.K. who made a name for herself rapping the 'Pink Friday' creator's smash 'Super Bass' on YouTube. After she united with the rapper on 'Ellen,' fellow pop star Rihanna recently had her turn to meet the pint-sized princess.

Sophia Grace and her hypewoman, 5-year-old Rosie Grace, were surprised by the 'Talk That Talk' performer's visit to 'Ellen,' as the two were seated on a couch offstage and didn't realize the singer was actually in front of them.

"I'm like a fan of you guys, you know that," Rihanna told the girls, who were dressed in full princess gear -- fluffy dresses and tiaras included. "Can I be your best friend too?" she asked.

Sophia Grace was visibly elated while in RiRi's presence, hugging her nonstop and keeping a wide smile on her face the entire time. Before the 'We Found Love' chanteuse kissed Rosie Grace on the cheek, she left the pair with parting words that would leave male devotees melting. "I could just steal them!"

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