Chris Brown may have thrown a tantrum on Tuesday (March 22) after 'Good Morning America' host Robin Roberts brought up his domestic dispute, and his ex-girlfriend Rihanna is taking a similar approach. The Bajan singer recently shot down questions about Breezy during an interview with Fabulous magazine, flipping the script on the asking journalist when his name was mentioned.

"Excuse me?" snapped Ri when asked about her former fling. The interviewer persisted, determined to get an answer. "Next. You obviously want to talk about Chris Brown, I don't," quipped the red-haired singer."

Rihanna later circled back to the incident and took a more general approach, telling the magazine that she's just trying to continue on with her life and leave history in the past. "I wanted people to move on from it, [because] the last big thing they know about me is that night," she continued. "And I don't want that to be what people define me as."

Brown took a more aggressive approach on Tuesday after agreeing to answer a single question about the 2009 incident, yet became irate after the subject was pressed. Once the cameras stopped rolling, he flew into a rage and threw a chair at a window, ripping off his shirt and prematurely leaving the studio. Representatives from ABC said that the network would not press charges against the singer.

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