Rihanna is returning to her 'Rated R' lewd and rude vigor in the music video for her latest 'Loud' single, 'S&M.' Unlike the mild and sweet Rih fans got to see in the clips for 'Only Girl (In the World)' and 'What's My Name?,' the Bajan beauty has turned into a modern-day rebel with a cause in the raunchy Melina Matsoukas-directed clip. Tapped into her lascivious side, Rihanna proclaims her longing for the smell of sex and flicking whips, all while dolled up in form-fitting latex. While there's more than five reasons to watch the naughty visuals, we've narrowed the selection to a handful:

5. The Return of the Fish-Eye Lens

Remember Busta Rhymes' 1998 video for his Grammy-nominated hit 'Gimme Some More?' Director Hype Williams utilized his signature fish-eye lens to capture Bussa Bus in all his absurdity. Melina took a page from Hype's book, adopting the lauded camera angle to highlight Rihanna's wacky antics in a zebra-printed room filled with drag queens and little people. Look closely, or you'll miss the pop star freaking a blow-up doll.

4. Celebrity Blogger Turns Into a Faithful Pet

For years, Perez Hilton has been the Queen of Hearts of the blogosphere, unleashing nasty tirades against innocent celebrities for their unique sense of style and digging around in their personal relationships as if he were Inspector Gadget. So witnessing the world's most despised blogger being restrained on a chair with straps has to delight many an entertainer. The best part of his cameo in the clip: serving as Rihanna's faithful milkman-turned-pet, faux fire hydrant urination included.

3. Food Gets a Load of Tongue Action

While the horizontal tango doesn't occur in the least during the four-minute run of 'S&M,' there's more than enough sexual references to hold freaks over. Dressed like a modern-day Carmen Miranda, Rihanna seductively peels a banana before ingesting the fruit, which in this case, should be forbidden. She fondles cream-smothered strawberries and licks playfully at a two-scoop, jewel-topped ice cream cone. Food never looked so good.

2. Members of the Press Taste the Whip

Rihanna's no stranger to being tabloid fodder, as well as the paparazzo's muse, which is why the sex kitten uses the visuals as a platform to sting the press that continuously bash her. While reporters' mouths are stuffed with ball gags, Rihanna plays victim, tucked behind Saran wrap. Then, in a game of master vs. slave, the songstress kicks back and snacks on popcorn, watching the scandal fabricators writhe under tight, leather straps. No bad behavior goes unpunished as the dominatrix unleashes a whip on her captives.

1. Latex Abounds

Exposed skin, tailored latex and towering stilettos are proof that RiRi is far removed from a good girl gone bad; she's on a mission. While eyes dart over every region of her fit frame, the liquid-like material almost begs for hands to yank it off and expose the tattoos the public never sees. After all, who else can make a seemingly latex swimming cap look downright naughty.

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