Rihanna is heating up the July issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. Dressed in a bright colored printed top and pink bottoms, the Grammy winner opens up about everything from Twitter to her turn-ons to whether or not she still believes in love.

The 23-year-old, who boasts over 3 million followers on Twitter revealed that in the beginning, she didn't understand the purpose of the social networking site. "I was so against Twitter," she said. "I couldn't understand how people were supposed to care what I was doing at any given moment. Then I started to figure out you can treat it like a giant chat room: I can respond directly to people's questions. It makes it easier to deal with the flak around you because people have a sense of who you are."

Now single after two high-profile break-ups -- the first with Chris Brown and the second with baseball player Matt Kemp late last year -- the pop star admits to being "intimidating" to guys. Because of her career, RiRi noted that being single and focusing on her work is the easier choice, but that doesn't mean she doesn't know what she's looking for in a man. "I'm turned on to a guy by different things. It could be the way he looks. It could be his intelligence. It's really a spontaneous thing."

Rihanna also went on to explain how she wants to make sure that she keeps a man on his toes. "I'm open to love but guys should have to earn it because the minute they get it, they want something else. Men are like hunters; they like the chase. So you have to keep them guessing. Actually, I'm like that too. I get bored very quickly. So if someone can make me laugh, that's the best."

Even though her personal life is at a stand-still, Rihanna's professional life continues to thrive. Up next the sultry singer will embark on her national Loud tour, which kicks off June 4 at the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Md.

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