Rihanna's timing for the 'Pour It Up' video release is rather curious but hey, better late than never.

The 'Pour It Up' video comes nine months after the song was introduced to the airwaves as the third single off her album, 'Unapologetic.' Rihanna just introduced her fifth single from the album, 'What Now,' less than a week ago. Meanwhile, the album itself came out eleven months ago.

But none of this really matters by the time you get thirty seconds into the video, because Rihanna's sexy body and the scantily-clad dancer on the pole will blow you away.

Pole dancing and ass shaking are big parts of this video, but Rihanna is seated on a throne for most of the action, periodically throwing money into the air and showcasing how much of a boss that she is. The singer twerks a little bit, but doesn't step up to the pole herself. She showcases a couple of different hairstyles throughout.

'Pour It Up' peaked at 19 on the Billboard charts over six months ago. Will the video revive the single and boost it back up? And with her world tour still ongoing and new singles coming out, when is the soonest that she would need to release a new song?