As reported by AOL Music, it's no surprise Rihanna idolizes Marilyn Monroe. Like the Hollywood starlet, Ri is well known for her sexy image. Now, the Bajan babe has taken her admiration of the late icon to a whole new level buy spending big bucks on a crystal encrusted portrait of the movie star.

Rihanna has added to her growing art collection after shelling out a staggering $160,000 for a portrait of Ms. Monroe made of 65,000 Swarovski crystals. Now that's a lot of bling! Not only did Ri purchase the piece, but she actually commissioned its creation from British artist Claire Milner.

The custom artwork took four months to complete and weighs a whopping 182 pounds. Good luck hanging that up on your wall, RiRi! Milner described the work for her celeb commissioner to Britain's The Sun. "A 100 percent Swarovski crystal portrait is very luxurious -- people stand and stare because it constantly changes color, sending rainbows round the room."

The artist continued, "I tried to show the glitter of the public life and then the sadness in Marilyn's eyes." We wouldn't be surprised if the paparazzi-plagued Rihanna somehow felt connected to Marylin in that respect as well.

Milner also admitted that having one of the world's biggest pop stars as a boss had its challenges. "Because of who Rihanna is, everything had to be done through her interior decorators. But they told me afterward that she loved it," she revealed.

The 23-year-old singer has reportedly spent a fortune decorating her Los Angeles home, which features a gun-shaped chandelier and a "reggae room" featuring a tribute painting to another one of her idols -- Bob Marley.

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