We all know that Rihanna loves to get tattoos, but this is a little extreme. During her recent trip to New Zealand, the Bajan songbird decided to get a traditional Maori tattoo on her hand. And boy, it looks painful.

Tattooing in New Zealand is a little different from here in the States. Forget a needle, they do it the old traditional way -- they chisel the ink into your skin.

In a YouTube video (spotted by news.com.au), we see RiRi getting ink applied with a mallet and a chisel.

Rihanna seems to be calm and relaxed as artists Tiki Taane, of Moko Ink studio in West Auckland, taps away around her knuckles. The 'Stay' singer doesn't even watch as Taane, along with his assistant in the cool hat, marks her up. It all looks a little gruesome and painful.

Afterward, Rihanna took to Twitter to proudly show off the artwork, which features several symbols that stretch from her forearm all the way to her fingertips. And make no mistake about it, that tattoo is permanent.

She's currently enjoying a few days off from her Diamonds world tour, and is most likely resting that hand. The R&B superstar will be back on the road touring South Africa on Oct. 13.