Rihanna's fifth studio album 'Loud' will debut on Nov. 2, just over a year after the release of her third consecutive platinum album 'Rated R.' The album's first single -- 'Only Girl (In the World)' -- premiered on Ryan Seacrest's radio show earlier today and Ri-Ri has hinted that there will be surprise features on the album, although she failed to drop any names.

Over the weekend, the pop princess hosted a chat with fans on her site Rihanna Daily, where she revealed details about the new project. "I'm done recording the whole album," Rihanna said. "I made sure not to let you down with my music! You guys are always defending me, so now you've got some great songs to justify it. I didn't want to go backward and remake [2007's] 'Good Girl Gone Bad.' I wanted the next step in the evolution of Rihanna, and it's perfect for us."

According to the Barbadian singer, 'Loud' marks her favorite album to date and it channels a more fun and vibrant side of her, compared to the darker, emotional work she showed on 'Rated R.' "Nothing compares to the album I just made," she said. "Get LOUD everybody, get crazy, get excited cuz [sic] I'm pumped. I'm just gonna be me, cuz that's what u guys love the most, and that's what makes me feel best."

You can listen to 'Only Girl (In the World)' here.

Rihanna is currently in Hawaii filming scenes for her role in the upcoming film 'Battleship.'