While Chris Brown is facing sentencing in Los Angeles this afternoon, and is expected to receive five years of probation and a ton of community service, things seem to be looking up for the troubled singer. According to reports, Rihanna's lawyers are planning to ask that the restraining order against Brown be lifted today, claiming the protection is no longer necessary.

"Our position has not changed," claimed Rihanna's lawyer, Donald Etra. "We still believe a level one is sufficient...She doesn't feel it's necessary [to have a 50-yard buffer]."

The two have been rumored to have been seeing each other again in secret, which would be difficult, since any time Brown and Rihanna are within 50 yards of each other currently (unless they're at an event), Brown runs the risk of facing arrest.

Rihanna's lawyer wouldn't comment on whether the two singers are rekindling their relationship, but did make a point of saying that "No stay-away order was ever requested by Rihanna."