RihannaConcert organizers in Abu Dhabi have issued a statement denying rumors that Rihanna has been asked to cover up for her New Year's Eve show in the United Arab Emirates. Earlier this week, UK tabloid The Daily Mirror reported that Ri-Ri was being pressed to dress more conservatively for the Dec. 31 show, for which she would haul in a $500,000 paycheck.

Concert organizer Flash told the Emirate's Gulf News paper that these reports were false, even trying to brush off rumors that Rihanna would receive a half-million dollar reward for the performance. "The facts and figures recently reported around Rihanna's Abu Dhabi concert are totally inaccurate," a representative from Flash said. "Rihanna is bringing an incredible new stage show to the capital and there's no doubt the event will be fantastic; an ideal way to celebrate the beginning of a new decade."

Despite this statement from the event's camp, word is still circling the Net that Rihanna's people are scurrying to whip up some more demure outfits for the show. "She knows that she'll have to compromise her style to fit in with local traditions, but a huge part of her show is her sexy stage gear," a source told the Daily Mirror. And in addition to the clothing ban, there have been rumblings that Ri-Ri and her crew will have to ring in the New Year sans-alcohol unless the 21-year-old can obtain a special license to keep the goods in her dressing room during the event.

Rihanna is the second R&B singer in the past two months to stir up trouble overseas due to racy clothing. In November Beyonce caught some heat from Islamic conservatives in Cairo, who dubbed her performance in Egypt an "insolent sex party."