As reported by AOL Music, in conjunction with her sexy editorial spread in Elle magazine's May issue, Rihanna has released a short film with the fashion mag. Ri dances and struts around in tiny designer outfits while a Spanish voiceovernarrates the steamy story, set in 1956 Havana, Cuba.

In the midst of the Cuban Revolution, Rihanna's character recalls easier times when she "had no doubts or worries." The film goes on to paint a picture of a carefree existence, until a man comes into her life.

Perhaps hinting at Ri's real-life romance with her abusive ex-boyfriend Chris Brown -- a subject central to Rihanna's Elle cover-story interview -- the narrator explains that passion and taking risks is "like a drug."

Ri even recreates the fight with Brown that led to the 2009 assault, arguing with her onscreen lover on the passenger side before storming out. We're guessing the Cuban war is a metaphor for the hardships of love.

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