Alan Graham, the farmer who interrupted the music video shoot for Rihanna's 'We Found Love' song, and scolded the singer over her lack of clothing, has found himself the recipient of team RiRi hate mail over the incident.

While the farmer let Rihanna and team use his Bangor, Northern Ireland fields to film the 'We Found Love' visuals, he interrupted the sexy shoot and put an end to filming when Rihanna took her top off, an act Graham found "inappropriate."

After stating "Perhaps they could acquaint themselves with a greater God" in response to RiRi's apparently offensive racy image, the farmer has since been inundated with hate mail from her fans and Graham tells Britain's The Sun, "I'm taking it all in my stride, it'll soon die down. To be honest, all this fuss has kept me back a bit. I've got straw to harvest that I haven't been able to finish yet."

"Maybe I'll name a type of grain after her. "I'd love to have her back. She was lovely and gracious when I spoke to her. Just as long as I know what she's wearing before the visit," the farmer added despite the drama.

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