Fans won't get the chance to attend Rihanna's "comeback" performance any time soon. The 21-year-old pop star has canceled her scheduled appearance in Dubai later this month. The event was billed as her first concert since her alleged altercation with boyfriend Chris Brown.

According to Vibe Entertainment Management Agency, the company organizing the event, Rihanna was not yet ready to return to the stage. "Rihanna and her management will not be accepting to hold a public concert," said Yassin Matbouly, a representative for the agency. "At this time it is not appropriate timing for her."

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The concert was to take place at a 25,000-seat venue, which was said to bring a large amount of publicity to the Arabic country. Although such claims have not been substantiated, the company believes that the anticipated heavy media attention is why Rihanna pulled out. "Rihanna's management contacted us on Saturday and explained she was unable to come but said she is keen to still perform in the region.

"It is very sad for us at this time knowing the concert will not happen, but we will not give up and we will continue to put our offer to Rihanna's management for a future date." Matbouly went on to say that they would like to reschedule the performance for the fall.

Rihanna's camp has not released a statement commenting on the canceled performance.

Following the incident with Brown, Rihanna has been spotted out and about but remains mum on the details of their alleged quarrel. The superstar recently had dinner in Los Angeles with Jay-Z and attended the Metropolitan Museum of Art's annual Costume Institute Gala in New York last night.